Action Alliance Foundation (AAF), a not-for-profit organization, provides programs and services in partnership with Action Alliance Services, a for-profit corporation. Action Alliance Services (AAS) was established in 2002, helping homeless Orange County alcoholics and addicts get and stay sober.

On any given night, AAS and AAF house hundreds of alcoholics and addicts in 100% drug and alcohol-free environments. Up to half of residents also have a dual diagnosis – substance abuse along with a mental health diagnosis. AAS and AAF believe that sober living environments provide the best option for alcoholics and addicts to get and stay sober, with mutual support, structured living and social engagement serving as vital tools for healing.

Typically, a resident stays in a Sober Living Home for 6-18mths. At that point, a vast majority of the residents move into an apartment with a sober roommate or back with family. There is a significant number of alcoholics that choose to live in a Sober Living Environment for the rest of their lives as they need or want to stay accountable to another alcoholic in order to protect themselves from relapse. There is nothing wrong with that.

The vast majority of AAF and AAS residents must achieve sobriety or they will die. AAF and AAS residents haven’t had a bad weekend – they’ve had a bad decade.

Over the years, AAS realized that there is a segment of the homeless substance abuse community that is unemployable and has no other source of income. As a result, these individuals have been unable to qualify for a sober living bed at an AAS house. Action Alliance Foundation was established in 2021 in response to this problem.

Action Alliance Foundation manages four sober living homes and also raises funds to sponsor sober living beds for currently unemployable alcoholics and addicts. After living rent-free in an Action Alliance home for up to six months, it is AAF’s goal that these residents will once again become employable and self-reliant after a period of physical and emotional healing.