George Folk, Founder

Action Alliance Services, Inc.

"In 1995 I was sentenced by a judge at Fullerton Ca. North Court, to 1 year in a sober living home. I was also required to attend, and to provide 30 days of verifiable proof, of attendance to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I was in court due to the fact that I was arrested for two drunk driving violations within 28 days of each other. At that time, I was working, as I had for twenty plus years, as a lead structural engineering inspector. I worked specifically, on major construction projects in and around California. The DUI court judge also revoked my Ca. drivers license for three years, which caused me to loose my position with the company. Driving a company vehicle from jobsite to jobsite, was no longer an option.

I checked into Freedom Sober Living, in Fullerton Ca. on May 19 1995. With no job, no vehicle, and very limited funds available. Freedom was owned by a gentleman named John Parenti, who has since passed away. John who went on to become a close friend, was a steadfast member of AA, and became a friend and AA mentor to me. Approximately 6 months into my recovery, he asked me to manage one of his 9 sober living homes, and I readily accepted. Freedom Sober Living, giving me a roof over my head and helping me with house food (not gourmet food) I might add, helped me to survive those difficult days, which most people experience in early recovery.

Sometime around 2003 John Parenti moved out of town and retired. I began to take over the operation of some of his houses due to the homeowners knowing of me. Action Alliance was incorporated in 2007. Action Alliance has expanded over the years. We currently operate 24 houses in Orange County (18 Men’s/6 Women’s) and one thing setting us apart from the similar organizations, is that we accept people many times with no job, no money, no food and only the clothes on their back. The success stories coming out of Action Alliance, are in many cases, incredible.

I was taught early on, that whenever we come in contact, with an alcoholic or a drug addict in need, may the hand of AA always be there to help pull that person from the gates of insanity or death. I personally, and my organization, try to always live by that code. From the very beginning on my road to recovery, and from the very first meeting on May 20 1995, I have found no good reason to pick up a drink or drug to this day. And to this day I live my life completely sober."

-George Folk, Founder