Action Alliance Foundation was formed to provide sober living beds for homeless alcoholics and addicts, including those with a mental illness. The program is highly structured, with residents typically housed two per bedroom. New residents are required to attend 30 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in the first 30 days, then four AA/NA meetings each week. They are also required to work with an AA/NA sponsor.

Each house is managed by a volunteer house manager who also lives in the home. House managers are also recovering alcoholics and addicts who have a solid track record of achieving sobriety, providing important mentorship for the residents of the houses they manage.

House managers administer random and reasonable cause drug tests to guarantee a drug and alcohol-free environment in each house. Each resident is required to follow a curfew, complete chores, and keep their living area clean and organized. They must buy and cook their own food and also maintain appropriate personal hygiene.

If a resident is able to work or has another source of income, they will pay $600 per month, which covers rent and utilities. Some alcoholics and addicts may need more time to heal before working, with Action Alliance Foundation housing eligible clients free-of-charge for up to six months, allowing them the time needed to heal and re-enter the work force.